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Your big day shouldn't be big trouble. It should be easy, hassle free, relaxed, fun and everything you have ever imagined. You're about to say "I do", and we are here to make that happen, your way. Whatever your thoughts are, tell us.
Whichever style you prefer, we will deliver. And no matter how complicated it may seem to you, it really isn't. Because we are here to make things simple and arrange your wedding just the way you like it.
We are based in one of the most beautiful Greek island, Zakynthos, where anyone can find that special place for a dream wedding. We are professionals who are passionate about our jobs.
We love beautiful things and pay attention to detail. From weddings, to christenings and from vow renewals to all kind of events... we will "do it".
Just say "I do"!

Angela Paleothodoros

Born and raised in Chicago, IL until the age of 8, my family made the big decision to move back to my parents’ native country of Greece. I attended elementary and high school in Zakynthos, Greece. I then moved to Athens to pursue my studies in graphic design. After obtaining my degree, I worked as a graphic designer for ATTP Advertising Company for 3 years. I used my creative talent while working at Dream Wish, a wedding planning company, also located in Athens, where my love for planning destination weddings began. When it came time to plan my own dream wedding in 2005, my work experience, passion and attention to detail made me realize this was my calling! I founded my company I Do, after planning weddings on the island of Zakynthos, Greece as well as throughout other parts of the country. I Do offers couples all their wedding needs, all under one roof, from invitations, venue options, flowers, décor, photography, videography to catering. My company offers destination weddings that are unique, incorporating the personalities of both the bride and groom while showcasing the beauty of the Greek islands.

Barbara Clother

Hi my name is Barbara
I was born in Athens Greece . my family and I moved to the states , spent many years there I went to college and studied hotel management and in travel and tourism . I than moved back to Zakynthos my beautiful island where my parents are originally from , I decided to work with travel and tourism here on the island since I have the experience.
I also want to add that I come from a huge greek family in which I attended in all of their weddings , I cant even begin to remember how many times I was a brides maid . from than on I was convinced that I had the perfect tools and touch to be a part of every couples special wedding day not to mention I am a romantic myself . And here I am today a part of the I DO wedding planning , waiting to share the magic with you on your special day .

Thanking you

Specialist in Weddings in our areas – we have the experience and the advantage of contacts with the absolute best suppliers for your wedding. You can choose from a small exquisite list: the best photographers, the best flower decorators, the best hair stylist, the best in all you need. We can offer you all this with confidence because plain and simple, we live here and know everyone and their work.
One to One Personal Service – we will not leave you in the hands of others. You will have your own private wedding planner who will be there to answer all your emails immediately and in person, one who will be there to guide you step by step and leave nothing unexplained. All you have to say is iDO!
6 years of successful wedding planning – we have the experience you need to make your wedding perfect. We deal exclusively in wedding planning, it’s what we know, all our energy is geared towards planning your wedding the way you would have. This is not just one of the things we do, it is the one thing we do and we do it with a passion.
We know what you want – we will listen to you. That’s not just our secret key; It is good business. We will do as you wish and add a little bit of extra sparkle to your wishes. We understand each wedding is unique and very private, so we help you step by step to plan and prepare everything for your wedding. From the legal requirements and choosing the best venue for you, to finding the best DJ, the best entertainment for your guests and anything that your big day needs. You won’t have to lift a finger!
Independent planners – we are not affiliated with any tour operators and despite what you may have read on other sites, being an official legal wedding planner does not require any permission or licence from the Greek ministry of Tourism. This is a misleading sales gimmick. We are 100% legal and are Certified Professional with the Association of European Wedding Planners (www.aewp.eu). We are an independent company, as independent as you with high standards of professionalism and quality. This is seen in our relationship with our customers. No rush, no hidden agendas, just you and us and all the time you need. Whatever the budget.
Whatever your budget – we can help you even if your budget is very-very low. Sometimes all you need are a few simple and cheap ideas and… you DID it!

A. There is no specific number of days you are required to be in Greece before the marriage, however the more days you allow the better for organisational purposes. For your peace of mind, allowing 5 days before the wedding day would be a good idea. You will need to be here one working day after the marriage in order to sign and complete the legal documentation. If you can not stay, there is no problem, but you must let us know as soon as you know.

A. The ceremony takes place in the location of your choice; it is no longer compulsory for a marriage ceremony to take place in the Town Hall. When you complete your certificate of no impediment to Marriage, you will be asked to state where or in which district you intend to get married. It is preferable to write the island name e.g. ‘Zante, Greece’, rather than the specific location.

A. No. You can pick and mix from the packages and find the location that suits you.

A. We can provide two witnesses for you.

A. Yes. Once you have obtained the English translation of your marriage licence you can proceed as you would in the U.K. with changing names on documents etc. One of our team will accompany you to the Town Hall to sign your Greek Marriage Certificate.
It is no longer policy to register your overseas licence with the Foreign Commonwealth Office. You must keep your marriage licence yourself in a safe place.

A. We will provide you with ample choices covering all budgets. You can add or delete options and tailor your wedding to suit your budget. We will advise you how to keep costs down and stay within your budget.

A. Yes. The security deposit is not refundable and it only secures reservation of the date, celebrant and ceremony. The amount is deducted from the final wedding invoice. The amount of the security deposit varies and depends on the numbers of guests.

A. Yes, as explained in detail in our contract. Of course you can cancel your wedding reservation any time you need to. Cancellation fees vary depending on when we are informed and what expenses were incurred up to that point. If you cancel close to your wedding date, we may not be able to refund your money. In cases of emergency we will handle matters with the utmost sensitivity.

A. Unfortunately not at this time. We are working on that though!

A. Yes. Please use the following link.

A. The minute we receive your security deposit, we will send you an email with your wedding day reservation and details. Then we will discuss your budget and your thoughts and ideas for your big day… we will then prepare a proposal, a package, just for you. Changes can be made of course, after that, just as long as we have time to deliver. As soon as you approve our proposal, we will continue with the preparation of your wedding.

A. Of course. Any business requires a deposit in order to secure the venue, hotel rooms, transfers, florists etc. Payments must be made via bank wire transfers or PayPal. Bear in mind that some of our services have cancellation fees but not all.

A. Oh so many places to choose from! A beach, a local tavern, a boat, a cliff with amazing views, a top class hotel, a hotel by the beach, the possibilities are endless. Please contact as with your ideas and watch them come true!

Payment terms and conditions
Once we have put together a package that suits you and you have a provisional date we will require a deposit of 30% of the total to be paid.
Deposit payments can be made via PayPal (remember you will pay a charge to PayPal for this service) or bank transfer, details for which we will give you at that time.
The remaining balance will be paid in two instalments; 30% will be paid at our pre wedding meeting and 40% at our after wedding meeting.
All balances are to be paid in Euros cash. Pound sterling or travellers cheques will be exchanged at the day’s rate. Remember that if you exchange Euro Cheques there will be a 2% surcharge.

When it comes to organizing a wedding abroad, the legalities and all the documents that you have to gather may seem like a daunting prospect. Fear not, that is why we are here; To provide you with the latest information, to help you step by step in collecting the paperwork and making sure everything is correct and submitted on time. Make note that the papers you need are required by the Greek Government and may change, so please contact us 3 months prior to your wedding date to discuss this. Every country has different requirements so make sure you tell us where you are from!

In order to get married in the Greek Islands of Zakynthos and Lesvos or anywhere else in Greece, there are certain legally required papers, which must be presented to the authorities prior to your wedding, much the same as in your home country. Note all required papers must have an Apostille stamp in order to be valid.
All documents must be sent six weeks prior to your wedding in Greece, to allow us to confirm that all paperwork is in order. Please bring all the originals with you.

1. Copies of valid passports. Photocopies of inside page with identity information from both parties are required.
2. Birth Certificates of both parties. Full versions of the certificates are required with parents’ full names.
3. Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage for both parties. This document confirms that you are free to marry. It can be obtained at your local Registry Office, and must be issued within three months of the wedding date.
4. Decree Absolute, for divorced parties. Certified copies of each divorce are required.
5. Deed Poll / name change / Adoption Certificates are required for each party (if applicable).
6. Spouses Death Certificate and previous Marriage Certificate. If widowed this certificate will be required.
7. The above documents (all except the passport copies) need to be proofed for authenticity with the Apostille stamp from the Foreign Commonwealth Office. This certifies that the copies are legal documents and confirms that they are true copies. This procedure is necessary for all documents before the translation procedure for the wedding to be legalized in Greece. Please see the notes below for details of how to obtain the Apostille stamp.
8. Once the Documents have their Apostille stamps they must be sent to us by registered post or faxed 6-8 weeks before your wedding date to confirm that the paperwork is in order before we have it translated into Greek. If faxed or scanned and attached to an e mail, the original copies need to be brought with you as they will be kept by the Town Hall.

1. Copies of valid passports. Photocopies of inside page with identity information from both parties are required.
2. Birth Certificates of both parties. Full versions of the certificates are required with parents full names
3. Baptismal certificates of both parties. These must be signed and stamped by the parish priest. The Bishop / Metropolis of your local church must also validate the authenticity of the priest's signature.
4. Letter of Celibacy. The Greek Orthodox Church must provide each party with a certificate giving consent to your freedom to marry. This document should be given to you in Greek, signed and stamped by your parish priest. The Bishop / Metropolis of your local church must also validate the authenticity of your priest's signature.
5. Divorce Certificate / Decree, for divorced parties. These must be obtained from the presiding judge (for previous civil marriages) and from the Church (for previous Greek Orthodox marriages).
6. Certificate of Faith. This is a letter stating that you both agree to baptize any children your union produces in the Orthodox Faith. This document can be obtained from your local Public Notary Office.
7. Letter of No Impediment to Marriage / Letter of Single Status / Affidavit of Single Status and No Impediment to Marriage. This can be obtained from your local Town Hall / Registrar’s Office / Statistics Office. One is required for each party. The letter states that you have no impediments preventing you from getting married. The affidavit of Single Status and No Impediment to Marriage applies only to US Citizens.
8. Deed poll / name change / Adoption Certificates are required for each party (if applicable).
9. Non European Union, Non American or non Australian citizens also required the following additional documents:
10. Photocopy of your Visa
11. Passports
12. “dilosi tou nonou “1599 (declaration under the law 1599)
13. All document copies (except passport copies) that are not of Greek origin will require an Apostille Stamp to confirm they are legal documents and true copies. This procedure is done via the Commonwealth Foreign Office, see notes below.

1. Copies of valid passports. Photocopies of inside page with identity information from both parties are required.
2. Baptism Certificates for both parties. Requires signature of priest who performed the baptism, and of a superior authority (such as a cardinal or bishop). These documents should be requested, signed and dated close to your wedding date.
3. Confirmation Certificates for both parties. Requires signature of the priest who performed the baptism, and of a superior authority (such as a cardinal or bishop). These documents should be requested, signed and dated close to your wedding date.
4. Freedom to Marry Certificate for both parties. These certificates must be obtained from the parish in which you were baptized, and must be dated within three months of the marriage. Requires the signature of priest who performed the baptism, and a superior authority (such as cardinal or bishop). The second signature should be dated close to your wedding date. Please note: If the date of your confirmation is not recorded in the parish in which you were baptized, you should request it from the parish in which you were confirmed. Please take these certificates to your current present parish priest, who will make the prenuptial inquiries and give catechetical instruction.
5. Written permission must be obtained from your bishop to have your marriage performed in Greece and your chosen location, in accordance with Canon 1115 of the Codex Juris Canonici. Please discuss this with your Pastor.
6. Pre-Cana instruction class or meetings Certificates for both parties stating that you have completed this instruction.
7. Letter of no Impediment to Marriage / Letter of Single Status / Affidavit of Single Status and no Impediment to Marriage. This can be obtained from your local Town Hall / Registrar’s Office / Statistics Office. One is required for each party. The affidavit of Single Status and no Impediment to Marriage only applies to US Citizens / Residents. This document will require an Apostille stamp. See notes below.
Please note that all documents must be sent to Archbishop Office for review, and must be sent to us at least three months prior to your wedding.
Catholic weddings must be performed in your native language and only in specific locations in Greece. Please inform us of your native language.

Once you have gathered all the relevant documents and certified them appropriately they should be sent to us 6-8 weeks before your wedding date either by registered post, faxed or scanned and e mailed to us so we can organize translations where necessary and check all the paperwork is correct. The wedding documents cannot be dated older than 3 months from the day of your wedding. If you fax or e mail your documents you must bring the original copies with you. These documents will be held for permanent reference by the Town Hall.

You must remain in Greece for at least one business day after your wedding to sign your Marriage Certificate at the local town hall. If you cannot do that then we must go together to the Town Hall and get a legal permission in order for us to be able to sign your Certificate for you and send it to you. This is easy and all you need is your ID card or passport.
Two weeks after the ceremony you will receive an officially signed Marriage Certificate in Greek. Each country will have its own procedure to legalize a wedding overseas. For UK residents, contact the Foreign Commonwealth Office to register your overseas marriage at www.gov.uk . Further details are below.

An Apostille stamp is the seal of the relevant State / Country / Commonwealth office in accordance with the Hague Convention; it allows the stamped document to be used officially in a foreign country. The stamp refers the relevant legislation and indicates the validity of the documents for international use.
For UK residents, this can be done via www.gov.uk
Follow the link to ‘Legislation’ to find out how to legalize your documents with an Apostille stamp. You can also contact the Legislation Office at the Foreign Commonwealth Office: legalisationenquiries@fco.gsi.gov.uk or call 03700 00 22 44
Monday to Friday, midday to 4pm.

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